Augmented Reality

How to use the AR mode:

The Tata Nexon App is powered by Augmented Reality (AR), a technology where an object in the real world (called a marker) can be recognised and shown as a 3D model 'augmented' with the real world on the phone screen.

Step 1

Download Tata Nexon App

(Only Android smartphones are supported (Android OS v4+)).

Step 2

Print the AR marker (A4 size or above)
Find the Tata Nexon ad
in a newspaper or magazine

Tip: You can access, print, and share the AR marker from within the App. Head to AR > Download Marker > Print Marker / Share Marker

Step 3

Place the AR marker or print ad
on a flat surface.

Step 4

Open the Tata Nexon App and access the
AR section from Home Page.

Step 5

Grant the required permission to the app when prompted. Point the device at the marker to see the Tata Nexon in AR. Move the device around while keeping the marker in view, or rotate the marker to see the Nexon from all sides. To get close to the car, move your phone closer to the marker. As long as the AR marker is in the view of the camera, the Nexon can be explored in AR.


To explore the features of Tata Nexon in AR, use the button labelled Exterior. A sub-menu of features will open. Here you can learn about the exterior features of the car, customise the colour, and even see the engine powering the Tata Nexon.

To explore the car from the inside, use the button labelled Interior. The 3D mode will now open with more possibilities to explore the car. While in 3D mode, use both Exterior and Interior sections for a complete exploration of the Tata Nexon in 3D.

The 3D mode can be used even if you don't have the printed AR marker handy.

In both, AR & 3D modes, use the screenshot button to auto-click a screenshot and then share it on Facebook or Twitter.
Quick tip: Use the full-screen button to make sure your screenshot looks perfect. Screenshots are automatically saved to your phone gallery.